Miners Shot Down Wins International Award

After its world premiere at the One World International Human Rights Documentary Festival in Prague, Miners Shot Down has been announced as the winner of the Right To Know award, which is presented to a film that makes an exceptional contribution to the defense of human rights. The Václav Havel Jury, which is comprised of human rights advocates, international representatives of the non-profit sector and donors, selected the film from 12 documentaries featured in this category.


The jury made this statement about the film,

“Using testimonies, live and archive footage of the tragic unfolding events the filmmaker tells the story through powerful images of miners’ protest and the police response. The film manages to operate on a number of levels: it tells the tale of both individual struggle and tragedy, but also of the reality of life in the Rainbow nation, nearly 20 years after the end of apartheid, where old racial divisions are replaced or translated into dividing lines between rich and poor. The filmmaker leaves no stone unturned in documenting the existence of slavery and rampant capitalism which is corrupting the state’s elites and undermining basic rights”.

One World Festival Award

Rehad Desai, director of Miners Shot Down, accepts the Right To Know Award at the One World Human Rights Documentary Film Festival.

Rehad Desai had this to say about winning the award,

“This is a small, yet critical victory for the widows of the slain, injured and arrested mineworkers that are still charged with murder. This will strengthen our campaign for justice tremendously and will assist in enhancing the solidarity amongst the mineworkers that is so important now, as the strike enters into its sixth week. It is also a small victory for the recognition of SA documentaries that continue to go from strength to strength. On a personal level, this prize is hugely affirming for our production and post-production teams. It will help to ensure that the film travels far and wide and will also greatly boost the morale of the outreach team that aims to get this film shown and discussed across the length and breadth of the country and the wider world.” 


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