Camera Justitia Award for Miners Shot Down

We are excited to announce that Miners Shot Down has won the Camera Justitia Award at the Movies that Matter Festival 2014 in The Hague, The Netherlands. The award was presented to Rehad Desai at the Closing Ceremony on Wednesday March 26. This is the second international award presented to the film in the same month, as earlier in March the film won The Václav Havel Jury Award in Prague.


Rehad Desai at the Movies that Matter Film Festival in The Netherlands

The Movies that Matter Festival is the main Dutch film and debate festival on human rights and social justice. The festival in the international City of Peace and Justice is an initiative by Amnesty International. The Camera Justitia section includes eight films and many masterclasses and debates highlighting the importance of justice, the rule of law and legal dilemmas and errors.

Rehad Desai at Movies that Matter

Rehad Desai participated in debates with experts on trade unions, culture and politics in present-day South Africa. Desai also joined the panel of a talk show about global economic inequality, gave a masterclass on filmmaking as part of the ESoDoc training programme and took part in the jury of the other competition programme at the festival.

The jury praised the film for its conceptually clever and very accessible approach, reporting on how the State – supported by a foreign multinational that has a stake in the matter – abruptly wields intense and deadly violence to put a stop to a situation that has become inconvenient.

“From start to finish, the film is an emotional and moving tribute to the courage and resilience of people who used their fundamental rights to stand up for themselves, and who had to see their intransigence answered with lethal force.”

1920481_10152143842353612_1417212415_nAs Desai had to leave the festival just before the award ceremony he thanked the jury in a video message and stated:

“Winning the Camera Justitia Award will mean a lot to the tens of widows and to the hundreds of miners who still face charges. It is critically important for the campaign for justice that those charges are dropped, that the police are prosecuted.”


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