Response to Outreach Screening

On behalf of TAC let me take this opportunity and thank you for a wonderful work that you have done today, you have demonstrated to us what activism is all about. Today you have afforded us as TAC an opportunity to see how evil is our system of government under the new political dispensation of our country. You have afforded us an opportunity to engage politically on real issues around the Marikana massacre, we are blessed as a TAC family to be among the first group of S.A citizens to watch this documentary.

These are the words of Anele Yawa, the National Chairperson for the TAC (Treatment Action Campaign), which advocates for increased access to treatment, care and support services for people living with HIV and campaigns to reduce new HIV infections. He contacted us after a special outreach screening in Khayelitsha, Cape Town, and spoke his desire to “roll out this screening to all our Six province so that all our comrades can be afforded an opportunity to watch this documentary so that we can be able to start a debate among our comrades”. We look forward to further collaborations with TAC and appreciate this great opportunity to unite in our struggles against inequalities that exist in our society.

Miners Shot Down Outreach Screening in Khayelitsha




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