Day of Action

In the run up to the 2 year commemoration of the Marikana shooting, we had a Day of Action on Friday, 16 May, where we encouraged people to show their support for the Justice Now for Marikana Strikers by dressing in black as a sign of respect, and posting a selfie to Facebook or Twitter. We also encouraged people to use the hashtag #JusticeNowForMarikana and nominate their friends to do the same, while making an online donation towards the campaign. Your friends have 48hrs to respond to your challenge.

We encourage people to continue with the campaign on the 16th of every month, in the lead up to a big protest on 16th August to mark the 2nd anniversary of the massacre. We will not forget. This should become another day of mourning like the 21st of March, the day of the Sharpeville Massacre and June 16th when 76 school students were mowed down in Soweto.


We also urge people to come together in open discussion, as we seek out ways to help the victims and their families and to ensure that this never happens again. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep in the conversation.

Online donations received will help support the Justice Now campaign and can be paid into the following account:

  • Account Name: Human Rights Media Trust
  • Bank: Nedbank
  • Branch: Constantia
  • Branch Code: 101109
  • Branch Address: Constantia Village Shopping Centre, Main Road, Cape Town, South Africa
  • Account No: 1011102366
  • Reference: Marikana Campaign

*NOTE: If you are outside South Africa, you’ll need the SWIFT address as well: NEDSZAJJ

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