South African Cinema Premiere

Miners Shot Down screened to a sold out cinema at Encounters South African International Documentary Festival at the beginning of June, and has since received some fantastic reviews.

We have been overwhelmed by the incredible responses from our audiences and have received some wonderful reviews by City Press, Sunday Times and a number of other great publications. Thank you to all for your continued support.

Marianne Thamm’s review in The Daily Maverick, entitled  Miners Shot Down: The film every South African should see, and never forget summed it up nicely saying:

“Rehad Desai’s beautifully filmed and uncompromising documentary, ‘Miners Shot Down’, is about so much more than the massacre by police of 34 striking workers at the Lonmin platinum mine at Marikana in August 2012. The film offers a unique prism through which to view contemporary power relations in ‘democratic’ South Africa (and perhaps globally) where the unholy trinity of capital, politics and security were (and are) pitted against labour – poorly-paid, badly educated and exploited workers. The film also shows that the miners had been so shockingly “othered” that killing them was not beyond the imagination or capacity of those in power and authority.”

To read the full Daily Maverick review click here.

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