Get Collecting For the Hardship Fund

The Marikana Hardship Fund has been appealing to all sections of society, individuals, trade unions, churches, colleges and universities, to help prevent starvation in the mining communities by donating generously. Now that the strike is likely to end, and the miners have won a considerable victory, albeit not the full pay demand, it will take a few months for the mining communities to get back on their feet after 5 months of no money coming in. We are therefore asking for people to kindly continue to donate over the next few weeks. After that we will be focussing our efforts on the justice campaign.

The Hardship Fund works closely with Gift of the Givers to use your donations to provide food parcels to the poorest families over the next short period and relies on your contributions. The solidarity shown to the miners strike has certainly helped to give miners the confidence they needed to hold out long enough to get an offer they can accept.

You can donate online by clicking here or alternatively make a cash donation by following the below instructions:

How Do I Donate?
1. Print the Collection Sheet below.
2. Decide on a collection point – work, outside supermarket, union meeting etc.
3. Ask a few people to help you (or go it alone – we’re all behind you).
4. Get collecting.
5. Deposit the money to Gift of the Givers (bank details on sheet).
6. Write about what you did – on FB (Justice Now, etc).

Get Collecting!

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