Miners Shot Down on TV

The AfriDocs Film Week allowed Miners Shot Down to be screened to an audience that would otherwise not have access to this important film. The response was phenomenal, with people commending the film for raising awareness about this tragedy and asking how they could further get involved and help the cause.

“It is good that the film is viewed so widely. The movie has the potential to raise awareness and inform people on an unprecedented scale. The question now becomes where do we go from here.”

After the success of the AfriDocs screenings, we are even more aware of the importance of getting Miners Shot Down aired on national television, as a way to reach an audience of millions that otherwise would not have access to the film. However we’ve been waiting five months for the SABC to tell us whether or not they will broadcast the film. We want as many people as possible to be able to see the film and in order to do so we are actively campaigning to get Miners Shot Down screened on SABC and e.tv. Keep following us for updates and for how you can get involved in the Amandla.mobi campaign to put pressure on the public broadcasters and e.tv to air Miners Shot Down.


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