Marikana Massacre Report – What to expect.

The Marikana Massacre report was handed to President Jacob Zuma to review early in April 2015. To date the report has not been released to the public, and the only statements released from the President have been attempts to delay releasing the report further. Since the release of the report one high level police officer, Lt Gen Zukiswa Mbombo has resigned for unknown reasons. There have also been suggestions that the report questions current Police Commissioner Riah Phiyega’s fitness for office.

While the President continues to ‘process’ the Marikana Massacre report the public is left to speculate as to the reports contents. Martin Legassick has put together a summary of the findings of the Farlam Commission with specific attention paid to any recommendations put forward from the evidence leaders. Legassicks document provides insight into what might be expected from the final report however we cannot be sure which recommendations have been included until the final report is released. It is also important to note that it is very unlikely that the final report will provide recommendations beyond those detailed by Legassick.

Download the full document here: Summary of Evidence leaders presentation to Marikana Commission file:pdf size:167kb

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